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Company History  
JIUZHOU  was established in 1990. It has rich domestic and foreign sales experience and high-quality hand-cranked ingredients. For more than 20 years, it has been committed to promoting Taiwan pearl milk tea. It has continued to provide customers with peace of mind and reliable products. 、 Qiyun agent incident Jiuzhou Food has been checking all the way, adhering to the spirit of "reassurance, attentiveness, and innovation". In the future, we will continue to provide customers with the highest quality and assured products, and continue to maintain this heart to serve customers. .

Professional Services
In addition to the wholesale supply of raw materials, Jiuzhou also has materials integration, flavor adjustment, product OEM, and exhibition planning, so that professionals can carefully guide and provide the most comprehensive service, and provide entrepreneurship for every foam drink enthusiast who is interested in starting a business. Coaching services are dedicated to meeting market needs and creating new value for customers.
International Certification
Jiuzhou provides our customers with better service quality and safe food through the international certifications of food safety management ISO 22000 / Hazard Analysis and Key Control Points HACCP / Halal, so that our customers can buy with peace of mind You can also eat with peace of mind.
In the future, we will continue to strive for excellence, give full play to our team's strengths and competitiveness, and adopt a steady growth and sustainable business model to advance Taiwan Bubble Tea towards diversification and international development to meet the needs of the broader market. Welcome and We share.
Agents and Distribution
In order to provide more stable quality and better services to overseas customers, Jiuzhou  strongly seeks friends who have the same enthusiasm for the internationalization of Taiwanese Bubble tea drinks as we do, and will bring Taiwan beverage culture to all corners of the world .

Factory Equipment

        Tapioca Pearl Manufacture                      Tea Bag Manufacture
       Flavor Powder
Manufacture                       Canned Manufacture
        Flavor Syrup Manufacture                 Fruit Popping Boba Manufacture